Book Me!

Screening Requirements: You must provide either:

1) Provider References: Name, Contact & Website of a girl you have seen before. This is so I can contact her to ask her if you’re a safe friend for me to meet ❤

2) Work Verification Information: If you are new to this and do not have any Provider References, I will need to make sure that you really are who you say you are, and that you are not employed by Law Enforcement. Please send the following information in an email to

– Full Legal Name
– Occupation
– Company Website
– Work ID card paired with matching Drivers License
– A message sent to me from your official work email
– A call from you on your work phone number (I won’t ever contact you at work unless you specifically ask me to.)

In lieu of filling out the form below, you can send me this information by email to Feel free to use protonmail, or any other encrypted email service, so that your information will be protected by end to end encryption! This only works when both parties use encrypted email services.

Please allow some time for me to verify you. The more information you give me to work with, the quicker this process will be.
Also, Please note that forms that forms received with insufficient, fraudulent or incomplete information will not be prioritized.


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